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H&N’s sole business is the breeding of superior brown, white and tinted egg layers. Each strain is bred to meet exacting market conditions throughout the world. Our continuous search for product improvement through genetic and health research is designed to have the H&N brand name recognized and respected by progressive egg producers throughout the world. The latest techniques in poultry genetics and health research are employed to attain this goal. In addition, the most up to date computer technology is harnessed for fast, accurate data collection, processing and analysis. As the name implies, H&N International is a company operating on a global scale to serve the worldwide egg industry. In this regard, we understand that this is first of all a “people” business that encompasses various cultures from around the world. Personal relationships based upon mutual trust, respect and common interests form the basis of our dealings with our customers. For their part, customers have a right to expect only the best quality chicks with the maximum genetic potential that puts them at the forefront of a very competitive market environment.

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