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Dr. Damer Blake
Professor of Parasite Genetics
Royal Veterinary College

Following a PhD focused on bacterial genetics from the University of Aberdeen, Damer has worked with Eimeria species parasites since 2001, first at the Institute for Animal Health and more recently at the Royal Veterinary College (London, UK). Current research includes population genetic analyses of recognised and cryptic Eimeria species, development of novel vaccine delivery strategies, understanding host resistance to coccidiosis and interactions of Eimeria with bacterial microbiota of poultry. In 2017 Damer became Editor-in-Chief of the journal Avian Pathology.

Prof. Daral Jackwood
Department of Animal Sciences, Center for Food Animal Health Research
Ohio State University

Dr. Jackwood earned his B.S. from the University of Delaware and M.S. and Ph.D. from The Ohio State University. He was a Post-doc in the Biotechnology Department at Battelle Memorial Institute before joining The Ohio State University faculty. He is a Molecular Virologist with a research focus on immunosuppressive viruses particularly infectious bursal disease virus. Dr. Jackwood has over 95 peer reviewed articles published in scientific journals and more than 200 published abstracts and proceedings.

José Antonio Ribas Jr.
Executive Director of Livestock

Agronomist graduated in 1992 from the University of Passo Fundo - RS

28 years working in livestock production of poultry and swine (including Sadia/BRF for 20 years and JBS/Seara for 8 years)

MBA in Quality Management (UnC / UFSC)

MBA in Business management (Unicamp/USP)

MBA in Executive Development (Fundação Dom Cabral – MG)
Currently Executive Director of Livestock at JBS Seara

Experience in project management, leadership and team building in poultry and swine production

Vice-President of ACAV (Associação Catarinense das Industrias de Aves)

President of Sindicarne / SC (Sindicato das Industrias de aves e suinos de SC)

Vice President of Sindiavipar (Sindicato das Industrias de aves do PR)

Member of the ABPA Advisory Board (Associação Brasileira de Proteína Animal)

Dr. Kannan Ganapathy
RCVS & European-recognised specialist in poultry

Dr. Ganapathy graduated with DVM from the University Agriculture Malaysia in 1991 and completed his PhD (infections in poultry) at the University of Liverpool in 1997.  He became a RCVS and European poultry specialist in 2007 and 2011 respectively. He is engaged with research, teaching, consultations and CPDs, mostly on molecular immunopathogenesis, diagnosis, vaccinology and prevention of respiratory poultry diseases. His research focuses on avian respiratory pathogens and vaccines, especially on infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), avian metapneumovirus (aMPV) and mycoplasmas (Mg and Ms).  

Pablo Catalá

Pablo Catalá Gregori (DVM, PhD, ECPVS) has developed training programs for the Poultry Industry related to Animal Health, Animal Welfare, Diagnosis, Epidemiology and Control Programs. He has participated in several research projects, 2 in the H2020 framework (ResearcherID AAA-4386-2019)
His current research lines are epidemiosurveillance, antibiotic resistance and phage therapy.
Since 2008, he is the CEO of the Center for Poultry Quality and Animal Feeding of the Valencian Region (CECAV) and associate professor in Cardenal Herrera-CEU University since 2014.

Luis Pantoja
Corporate Brand Manager

Luis got a Degree in Veterinary Medicine from the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) in 2000, with the specialty of Animal Health and Veterinary Surgery. Since graduation, he worked as a clinical veterinarian and a poultry and feed additive specialist in different companies.
In May 2018, he joined HIPRA as Corporate Product Manager (Corporate Brand Manager from September 2019) specialized in avian coccidiosis vaccines.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Omar DVM, PhD, FASc
Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Professor Dr. Abdul Rahman Omar is the Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti Putra Malaysia. Prior to that, Professor Dr. Abdul Rahman served as Institute of Bioscience’s Director from 2011 to 2019. He also serves as Chairman of Institutional Biosafety Committee, President of World Poultry Association Malaysia, Fellow of Academy Science Malaysia, and Regional Advisor Global Alliance for Research on Avian Diseases. Professor Dr. Abdul Rahman also served as a MyOHUN (Malaysia One Health University Network) Executive Board member since 2014. Doctor of Philosophy (1997) - Cornell University, New York, USA

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (1991) - Universiti Pertanian Malaysia.

Juan Luis Criado
Corporate Product Manager

Degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Córdoba (Spain) in 2014. From 2015 to 2016, he worked as an integration veterinary technician for Procavi, which is the most important turkey meat producer in Spain. From 2016 to 2017, he worked as chief production veterinarian at Tamboskaia Indeika, a russian company belonging to the Cherkizovo business group and the spanish Grupo Fuertes. From 2017 to 2020, he developed his activity as an area manager veterinarian at Procavi. In May 2020 he joined HIPRA Laboratories as Corporate Product Manager specializing in vaccines against avian pneumovirus.

Jayaraman Krishnarajan
Poultry Consultant

Graduate of Madras Veterinary College with 28 years’ experience in the poultry industry. Currently working as a freelance consultant for poultry in South Asia and the Middle East. He has delivered many lectures on Diseases and Disease Management and many training sessions on post-mortem techniques and farm management.

Stéphane Hémon
Senior Hatchery Specialist

35 years experience in poultry production

  • Experience in managing gamebirds farms at different levels, semen collection, insemination, incubation and chick rearing (Middle east).
  • Experience as Technical incubation specialist for Pedigree, GP and PS and in GP farm management
  • Specialized in Hatchery management and establishment of proper processes to produce healthy day old chick from a good quality egg.
  • Also involved in various areas such Production, Chick quality, Animal welfare and project establishment (Farm and Hatchery)
  • Strategic consultancy on hatcheries around the world
Andrea Beneventi
Senior Poultry Technical Specialist

30 years experience in poultry production

  • Field experience in management of Grand Parent, Breeders and Commercial layers and broilers farms.
  • Field experienced in layer hatchery and embryo eggs production for humans flu vaccine
  • Strategic consultancy for layer production around the world
Fernando Carrasquer Puyal
Global Technical Service, Veterinary Specialist

Fernando Carrasquer Puyal graduated with a DVM degree from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zaragoza, Spain. He started his professional career as a company veterinarian at several of the largest local egg producers in Spain. In the meantime he earned a CEAV in poultry production and health at the National Veterinary School of Nantes. In 2015 he joined Aviagen S.L.U. as production manager for Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Since 2017 he has been serving as global veterinary service for H&N International. His main interests are poultry pathology, biosecurity and poultry management.

Roberto Yamawaki
South America Technical Services Manager

MSc – Poultry Immunology - São Paulo State University – Brazil - 2020

Ph.D candidate – Animal Nutrition - Federal University of Parana – Brazil

MBA - Business Administration and Management – Getúlio Vargas Foundation – Brazil - 2014

Black Belt Lean Six Sigma and Statistics Specialist – Vanzolini Foundation – Brazil - 2016

8 years working in Technical Service and Poultry production management in multinational companies.

Paul van Boekholt
Business Manager Northern Europe & Global Marketing Manager

Graduated in poultry breeding and health & diseases at Wageningen University (NL), working for Hubbard since 1992 in various managerial positions in Europe. Currently overseeing the business in Northern Europe and the global marketing.

Since 1998 Paul has been actively involved in the introduction of Hubbard Premium breeds in many countries in Europe and is in close contact with many producers, retailers, food service companies and NGO’s. He also is a member of the G.A.P. Technical Working Group in the USA.

Sandra Montejano
Food Manager, Strategic and Product Marketing Department

Veterinary degree specialised in Food Technology & Safety by the Universidad Complutense (Madrid). With 15 years of experience in the food sector working for industry, inspection, certification, training and marketing.

Currently, Food Manager in the Strategic and Product Marketing Department of AENOR, taking care about the analysis of market and customer trends, development, implementation, monitoring and certification of conformity assessment schemas in the dairy, meat and poultry industry, schemas focused on the strategy “from the farm to the fork” and the european green deal.

Previous jobs have been quality manager of a meat industry, GFSI (Food Safety) lead auditor, and QA senior technologist for an international company.

Maarten de Gussem
DVM, Global Poultry Consultant

Maarten De Gussem is founder and Poultry Consultant at Vetworks: a team of selected poultry experts servicing the poultry industry and providing support on poultry health topics including Breeder management, Poultry Gut Health, Mycoplasmosis, Coccidiosis, Salmonella, Avian Influenza, Biosecurity, Welfare, Biosecurity and Food Safety.

Besides his work at Vetworks, Maarten is academic adviser at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Ghent University and a member of scientific committees of Poultry Mycoplasma Conference and the International Conference on Poultry Intestinal Health.

Jose Luis Losada
Corporate Product Manager

Jose Luis obtained a veterinary degree at the Federal University of Parana in Brazil, and went on to gain an MBA in business management at Getulio Vargas Foundation and post-graduate qualification in poultry chain management at Tuiuti University in Brazil. Later worked as Broiler Breeder Technical Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa in Cobb Africa. In 2018 he started working in the Marketing Department as a Product Manager for the Newcastle range of vaccines at Hipra.

Marta Busquet
Corporate Brand Manager

Qualified with a degree in Veterinary Medicine (2000) and a doctorate in "animal production & nutrition" from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2005), Marta started her career focussing on research projects for Animal Feed Companies. In 2007 she joined HIPRA, where she has been involved in the marketing of different products and projects for all animal production species. For the last 5 years, Marta has been leading a specific project applying the concept of Precision Livestock Farming in the vaccination process, to make the process more homogenous, automatic and analysable. In January 2020 she joined the Poultry Business Unit as Brand Manager for the Gumboro range of vaccines.

Laura Valls
Diagnos Manager

Qualified with a degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Barcelona (UAB) in 2008, where she worked for two years in the Department of Veterinary Pathology Diagnosis Service. Since 2008 she has worked in Hipra’s diagnostic laboratory. Her current role is coordinator of the lab in Spain, leading the development and implementation of new diagnostic techniques and supporting the laboratories of HIPRA’s subsidiaries.

Eliana Icochea
Chief of the Avian Pathology Laboratory
Universidad San Marcos
Eliana Icochea is the chief of the Avian Pathology Laboratory from Veterinary Medicine Faculty in the San Marcos University, obtained a doctor degree at the San Marcos University in Peru, responsible for the Second Speciality in Poultry from the Veterinary Faculty in the San Marcos University and technical responsible for the Peruvian Pathology and Diagnosis certification. Eliana is advisor for the National Agrarian Health Service (SENASA) and advisor for the Peruvian Poultry Association (APA).
Olha Ivashchenko
Technical Service Manager
Olha Ivashchenko earned her BS from National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, MS and PhD from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. During her study at “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” she started to work at Instute of Molecular Biology and Genetics. From 2010 till 2015 she worked at “Center of Veterinary Diagnostics” as a head of hitopathology and immunohistochemistry department. From 2015 Olha joined HIPRA as a technical service manager for Ukraine and CIS countries. She is veterinary virologist with the focus on diagnostics and prevention of the diseases.
Dr. Matthias Voss
Veterinary Scientific Director
Lohmann Breeders
35 years veterinary expert at LOHMANN BREEDERS GmbH. Key Qualifications: Health control in primary poultry breeders populations, control of SPF populations, diagnostic laboratories, development & quality of poultry vaccines, technical service world-wide.
Robert Pottgüter
Global Technical Service – Nutrition
Lohmann Breeders
15 years nutritionist expert at LOHMANN BREEDERS GmbH, feed production, nutritional technical service layers worldwide, lecturing about layer nutrition in seminars and symposia. Key qualifications: product manager poultry – all species, actually specialised on layers. Complete feed production, feed optimization, quality management systems in the feed industry.
Algis Martínez
Global Veterinary Services
Dr. Martinez is a board certified veterinarian by the American College of Poultry Veterinarians, and a member of the American Association of Avian Pathologists, and American Veterinary Medical Association
He joined Cobb in 2002 to help with internal health programs as well as providing external Veterinary Services as a member of the World Technical Support Team.
Dr. Martinez has authored  more than 30 publications in scientific journals and poultry magazines and given more than 300 presentations and expert advice on poultry production and poultry health in over 60 countries.
Bryan Fancher
Group VP of Technical Operations
Received BS and MS degrees at the University of Arkansas and a PhD at the University of Georgia.  Joined Aviagen in 1999 and is the Vice President of Global Technical Operations.  Based in the USA corporate office and is responsible for managing global technical development and client support
Jose J. Bruzual
Senior Poultry Veterinary Technical Specialist
Dr. Jose Bruzual received his veterinary degree from Universidad Central de Venezuela. He earned a Master degree in Poultry Science from North Carolina State University and also a Master in Avian Medicine from the University of Georgia. Dr. Bruzual has spent time working for major companies including Perdue Farms, Embrex, Inc. (Now Zoetis) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the US.

Dr. Bruzual had been a part of the Aviagen Global Veterinary Team since December 2010. Currently, covering North and Latin America.
Bouke Hamminga
Director International Sales & Business Development
PAS Reform
Bouke Hamminga has worked in the poultry sector for more than 30 years. Before joining Pas Reform in 2003, Bouke held various positions in the poultry meat and egg industries, including senior international positions with Hybro BV and the Sada Group SA in Spain. His experience includes knowledge of breeding and poultry production, as well as processing, further processing and modern retail.
Nan-Dirk Mulder
Senior Global Specialist Animal Protein
Nan-Dirk Mulder is senior global specialist animal protein with Rabobank, He joined Rabobank in 2001 and is based at Rabobank’s headquarter in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Nan-Dirk graduated in agricultural economics, marketing and market research from the Netherlands’ Wageningen Agricultural University in 1996. Before his appointment at Rabobank International, Nan-Dirk worked for the Product Boards for Livestock, Meat and Eggs (PVE) and the Agricultural Economic Research Institute (LEI) in the Netherlands. Since joining Rabobank International, Nan-Dirk advises the bank on global commitments in the animal protein industry. He has been involved in the bank’s many banking and research activities in the animal protein industry and worked hereby with the leading companies in the global animal protein value chain worldwide. Nan-Dirk is publishing regularly reports about global and regional industry perspectives and is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars all over the world.
Andrea Vilallonga
Image and communication consultant
Andrea Vilallonga,  Image and Communication Consultant, International Speaker and author of two books that give title to her TedX Talk: # MÍRATE  and # ENAMÓRATE
Creator of the method # MÍRATE on image and attitude, she leads us to practice with her POSITIVE ACTIVISM seeing reality from another perspective, deciding to act to cause change instead of waiting for it.
Media for her appearances on LA VANGUARDIA, RTVE, Catalunya Radio, Cadena Ser and especially in the latest editions of Operación Triunfo; she is currently collaborating with companies from various sectors, helping to improve team communication.
Marina Solé
Hiprastats Project Developer
Marina Solé is a Biologist educated by Barcelona University and experienced by a PhD in animal breeding and genetics. She has international experience in project management within the field of veterinary and animal production. She is active for Hipra since January 2021.
Rafael Lera García
Veterinarian & Technical Specialist
Hendrix Genetics
DVM from University of Zaragoza (Spain).
Working in the layer business since 1990.
Working in Hendrix Genetics / ISA group since 1991: Technical Manager and later General Manager of the Spanish subsidiary of ISA for commercial layers’ distribution.
From 2001 working as specialist of the Technical Service department giving support to customers in different areas, from South America to Middle East.
Currently member of the Technical Service Core Team of Hendrix Genetics Layers for global technical support.
Estella Leentfaar
Hendrix Genetics
Estella is born and living in the Netherlands. She has obtained a Master degree Animal Science at Wageningen University and a European Master in Sustainable Animal Nutrition and feeding. After her graduation she started working as project manager and nutritionist. Since almost 2 years she is working as nutritionist for Hendrix Genetics layers. Within this position she is providing worldwide nutritional support for grand parent stock, parent stock and commercial layers for the business unit Layers.
Tommy Lively
World Tech Hatchery Specialist
Over 27 Years In the Poultry Industry
Managing Broilers, Breeders, and Hatcheries at both the Broiler and Primary Breeder Level
Joined The Cobb World Tech Team in 2017
Ian Rubinoff
Director of Global Technical Services
Dr. Ian Rubinoff is the Director of Global Technical Services with Hy-Line International. Since 2009 he has worked on disease prevention, data, lighting, management, nutrition, export, and biosecurity issues with global distributers, and speaks at seminars for a variety of organizations. Dr. Rubinoff works at all genetic levels from the research farms down to the commercial customers with Hy-Line to help internal flocks and customers achieve the best performance. 
Daniel Valbuena
Global Technical Services
Dr. Daniel Valbuena is working with Hy-Line International since 2013. He started working like Technical Services Manager to Latam and then in 2016 switch his role to Sales and Technical Manager to Latam, Spain and Morocco. Since 2019 Dr. Valbuena was promoted to the global position in Technical Services. he has worked to Assist Hy-Line distributors with management advice relating to the veterinary issues, disease control, biosecurity, welfare, general management, nutrition, vaccination programs and techniques, lighting programs, rearing excellent pullets.
Dr. Valbuena has attended as speaker in several poultry congress worldwide 
Santiago De Castro Vergés
Corporate Product Manager
Santiago de Castro is a Corporate Product Manager at Hipra Poultry Business Unit. Graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Barcelona, has enrolled in different kind of poultry activities including breeder management, and technical services associated to biological products and feed additives. Both jobs gave him practical experience in vaccination programs and the importance of prevention in the poultry business. He recently joined Hipra, specializing in Salmonella killed vaccines and its importance in Public Health.
Miquel Nofrarías
Degree in Veterinary Medicine, PhD in Veterinary Science, Diplomate by the ECPHM, and Researcher of IRTA-CReSA. His research has been focused in the field of animal health, mainly in porcine and poultry (food additives, veterinary products, animal infection models and pathological studies). He has participated in 13 research projects, more than 100 research contracts with companies, 65 articles in scientific journals and several seminars.
Hyun Lillehoj
Senior Research Immunologist
Animal Biosciences and Biotechnology Laboratory, US Department of Agriculture
Inducted into the USDA Hall of Fame and received the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal, highest award for US federal workers in 2015. As a pioneer in the immunopathology of coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis research, Dr. Lillehoj dedicated lifetime work (37 yrs) on dissecting the molecular basis of immune response in poultry and developed new alternative feed additives to control coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis without antibiotics.
Jean-Michel Répérant
Jean-Michel Répérant is Doctor in parasitology of the Universities of Paris XII and Tours. After studying Cryptosporidium and Toxoplasma, he now heads the avian parasitology team at the Ploufragan research laboratory, belonging to Anses. Since 1996, his research at Anses has focused on avian Eimeria. Maintaining a substantial collection of pure strains of Eimeria species of chicken and turkey, his team has developed models to induce clinical coccidioses in order to evaluate present and future strategies to control these diseases.