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Partners policy

WPVC by HIPRA – Event Partner Terms and Conditions

By accepting to act as a Partner to WPVC by HIPRA, Partner hereby agrees to the partnership terms set out below:

  1. Event: World Poultry Virtual Congress (WPVC) by HIPRA to be held virtually on 14-17 June 2021.
  2. Event Partner: Considering the mutually beneficial collaboration, HIPRA, at its discretion, has offered free-of-charge partnership status to the poultry industry interested in participation in its virtual event. Partnership conditions are equal for all candidates.
  3. Location, Time, and Date: HIPRA reserves the right to: a) change the time frame of the Event; and b) reschedule or cancel the Event at its discretion. HIPRA in no way guarantees attendance at the Event.
  4. Definitions:
    • “Exhibition Area” shall mean the area of the Virtual Event where the exhibitors, as a whole, will set up and maintain virtual exhibit booths.
    • “Talks” shall mean the technical presentations/talks of up to 30 minutes’ duration given and/or arranged to be given by Partner and its employees/collaborators. The subject of the presentations/talks shall refer, amongst other things, to poultry diseases and challenges in modern poultry production.
    • “Partner Materials” shall mean the Virtual Exhibit, Talks or any items, presentations or materials proposed by Partner to be distributed or displayed at the Event.
    • “Virtual Exhibit Booth Space” shall mean the specific space in the Virtual Exhibition Area assigned to the Partner for the duration of the Event. The Virtual Exhibit Booth Space is part of the Virtual Exhibition Area.
    • “Virtual Exhibit” shall mean the Partner’s promotional display, which shall occupy the Virtual Exhibit Booth Space.
  5. Promotion of Partner:
    • Partner will be included in HIPRA’s promotional materials for the Event if the conditions specified herein have been met.
    • Partner hereby grants HIPRA a limited license to use Partner’s trade name, trademarks, and service marks for the purpose of promoting Partner’s partnership in the Event.
  6. Partner’s rights:
    • Partner may present 2 Talks during the Event and distribute brochures, documents, and videos at the Virtual Exhibit Booth Space provided that the content of these is in keeping with the character of the Event as a whole and does not come into conflict with applicable customary practices of good faith and commerce. Notwithstanding the above, the Partner is solely responsible for the contents of its Virtual Exhibit Booth Space and its Materials and its Talks during the Event.
    • For display in the Supporter section of the Virtual Event website and inclusion in select promotional emails, HIPRA will provide a list of participating partners and exhibitors, a logo, and/or brief description of each partnering firm; HIPRA reserves the right to edit firm descriptions as needed. Partnering also includes a link from the Partner section of HIPRA’S Event Website to the Partner’s home page.
  7. Endorsement: Acceptance of these terms and conditions does not imply endorsement by HIPRA of Partner or Partner’s products/services.
  8. Reservation of Rights for HIPRA: HIPRA reserves the right, at any time, to:
  • (i) reject or limit Partner and/or Virtual Exhibit and/or Talks and/or Partner’s Materials, if, in the sole reasonable judgment of HIPRA, the conditions established herein are not met by the Partner;
  • ii)eject from the Event any person or persons who, in the sole reasonable judgment of HIPRA, are conducting themselves in an objectionable manner.
  • Assignments: Unless written permission is obtained no later than one month prior to the start of Event from HIPRA, Partner may not: (a) assign this Agreement; (b) sublet, assign, or apportion its reservation/space at the Event; and/or (c) use the Event to represent any other firm, individual, company, or party other than Partner’s firm/company.
  • Liability and Insurance: Partner acknowledges that it is the sole responsibility of Partner to obtain sufficient insurance to protect the Partner from any and all losses which might be incurred and/or suffered by Partner while attending the Event.
  • Indemnity. Partner agrees to protect, save, and hold HIPRA , its affiliated corporations, and its agents and employees and all beneficiaries and all agents thereof, and the Event platform and all agents and employees thereof (hereafter, collectively called “Indemnities”) harmless for any damages or charges imposed for violations of any law, ordinance, and/or terms of this Agreement, whether occasioned by the negligence of the Partner or those holding under the Partner, and further, Partner shall at all times protect, indemnify, save, and hold harmless the Indemnities against and from any and all losses, costs (including attorney fees), damage, liability, or expense arising from or out of or by reason of any accident or bodily injury or other occurrence to any person or persons, including the Partner, its agents, employees, and business invitees which arises from or out of or by reason of said Partner’s occupancy and/or use of the Event platform or a part thereof.
  • Mailing List:  Considering, amongst other things, applicable data protection and data privacy laws, HIPRA does not guarantee that Partner will be provided with the Event Attendee Mailing List (i.e. list of names, physical addresses of Event registrants and opt-in email addresses of registrants).